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A successful business needs to carry out every business process with absolute microscopic precision. That is what, Qbesquare specializes in. QbeSquare is a fully integrated service company offering complete and continuously evolving range of business support services. We offer exceptional perfection in all types of regulatory compliances. Our personnel take on every assignment with a clear dedication to quality and responsiveness to our clients’ needs without compromising on precision. Our services are structured to provide hassle free and exceptional value to our clients We offer a variety of specialty services to meet the unique needs of its clients. The Company provides comprehensive services in the field of Accounting, Corporate Secretarial, Regulatory approvals, Direct and Indirect Tax Compliances.

Who are we ?

We are corporate compliance experts looking for innovative approach in providing customized solutions for your business With expertise in a wide spectrum of areas and a vision of global outreach .

What do we do ?

We provide a simplified, hassle free and easy to follow analysis of the latest updates in law and how they will effect your business

How do we work ?

We entail dedicated and knowledgeable group of consultants who have an expertise in a wide spectrum of areas and a vision of global outreach. We have a strong conviction for dexterity, flawlessness and aptness.

Our Services

QbeSquare is a full service compliance firm servicing the regulatory and compliance needs of a diversified range of partnerships, charities, not-for-profit organisations, public and private sector bodies. The Directors/management of the Company command deep and diverse expertise in handling regulatory compliance in multiple domains in manufacturing, media, hospitality, e-commerce, liaison offices to name a few. The collective wisdom of the management is a unique differentiator of QbeSquare.

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Regulatory approvals
and registrations services

When setting up a business one must decide what type of business entity to establish. The form of business entity will determine the type of returns to be filed with various Government departments.

Secretarial Services

Every Company/ LLP is required to follow a set of norms with regard to filing of regulatory compliance with the relevant government departments within the time limit as may be prescribed by the Government.

Direct and indirect
tax compliances

All business entities, under various laws, are required to file their returns with the competent government authority within the prescribed time limit.

Intellectual Property

When a business is establishing its presence in the market place it is vital for it to protect its intellectual property (IP). IP includes all sort of inventions, trade marks, industrial designs, copyright and geographic indicators of source.

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  • Chetan Arora
    Co-Founder & Director
  • Sanya Bhasin
    Co-Founder & Director

Frequently Asked Questions

The choice of entity, private limited company or LLP, will largely depend on two factors; (a) if you are looking to raise funding or (b) If you intend on attracting young or new talent by offering ESOP to employees. If you are looking for either of the two then you should go for a Private Limited Company.

However, if you are looking at starting a small business or do not plan on raising funding for a few years then you should go for a Limited Liability Partnership.

A business is known or recognized by its Logo, Brand name or mark. Trademarks enable the company or individual applying for the registration of the mark or logo or a combination of the two to protect the mark/logo from unauthorised usage by a third party. A registered trademark gives such protection for 10 years without any additional cost.

There are two ways a Foreign Company can set up base in India:

  • Form a Private Limited Company: The Foreign Company can form a Private Limited Company in India where the said Foreign Company will be the shareholder of the Indian Private Limited Company. Such a Private limited company is also called an Indian Subsidiary Company.
  • Set up a Branch or Liaison Office: The Foreign Company can set up a branch/liaison office India by obtaining prior permission from the Reserve Bank. However, there is a limitation on the kind of activities the Branch/Liaison office can undertake.

A private limited company is a Company where the shares of are closely held, thus there is a restriction by law in trading shares publically. Each shareholder is issued shares according to the amount of their investment.

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)is a hybrid between a Company and a Partnership where the liability of the partners is limited to the amount of their investment in the LLP.

In both, private limited company and LLP, at least 2 people (individual or company) are required to incorporate the company or LLP.

One of the biggest difference between a private limited company and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is with regard to compliance. A LLP has less compliances in comparison to a private limited company.

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